The rising line of the digital market continues

Until mid-day of this Thursday, April 19, the digital assets market had a capitalization of $44 billion USD above the total capitalization presented by the market on Thursday of last

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Quantum leap in the cryptocurrency market

This Thursday, April 12, the cryptocurrency market took a big leap. In a lapse of only an hour and a half the market gained $30.651.000.000 USD, going from $ to

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The roller coaster ride in the crypto market is still going

From what we've seen in recent weeks, the digital market has taken a stabilization path, with its main currency, Bitcoin, ranging between $6.500 and $7.400 USD; This doesn't mean that

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Red week in the cryptocurrency market

The digital assets market continues with a series of corrections due to the large amount of recent news that have shaken the capitalization reached until the last weekend. On Saturday, March

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Digital assets market is bouncing back

After suffering a deep plunge throughout the last week, the cryptocurrency market registered a mild bounce back this Monday, starting the day with a global market capitalization of $319.166.000.000 USD

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Manipulation of the cryptographic market causes new fall

This past Monday, March 12, the digital asset market started with a capitalization of $398.965.000.000 USD, while the number one cryptocurrency of the market, Bitcoin, have shown a maximum value

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Some Subway franchises are now accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin

The popular sandwich chain Subway is becoming increasingly popular, and its clientele could increase now that some of its franchises are accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin as a means of payment. One

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U.S. and Japan trigger a new decline in the cryptoeconomic market

The digital assets market has been suffering a new downturn since last Tuesday, which prompted panic among investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) informed through its website that there will

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Canada will enforce cost control measures for cryptocurrency mining companies

The ban on Exchanges announced last month by China, caused that some investors in the cryptocurrency mining business looked for better places to locate their algorithmic encryption machines. After their searching

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Germany authorizes the use of cryptocurrencies

This past Wednesday, February 28, the German Federal Ministry of Finance announced through its official website the guidelines for the use of cryptocurrencies inside the country. On one hand, it mentions

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No apparent reason for latest slump of digital currencies

Last Tuesday, the cryptocurrency market slumped again after four weeks of small but steady gains. The important thing was that the market seemed to be moving in the right direction. The

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Petro has a turbulent take off

After many promises from the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, the cryptocurrency Petro finally launched its pre-sale on February 20. According to Maduro, this digital coin will be able to

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ATM Coin takes a giant step in its growth

During the past 30 days we have been working harder to make the quantum leap that we have talked about since last year. We want you to stay tuned, because next

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Despite adversity, cryptomarket bounces back once again

Digital assets market bounced back early Wednesday after a series of slumps the previous day that amounted up to 65 percent of losses, mainly because of regulatory news coming from

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A new turmoil in the digital currency market

February welcomed the cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a new drop that extended through most of the month’s first day. It must be noted that banks, some governments from around the world,

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ATM Coin (ATMC) projected growth trend over the next 6 years

Today, we want to share with you some information about the trend of our cryptocurrency ATM Coin (, based on a website specialized in giving customers and visitors precise and

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Nightmare Tuesday for the cryptocurrency market

A new and sharp slide in the digital currency market shook those who bet their economies in the investment of this new financial sector. In the early hours of January 16,

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