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What is Etherum and what it has to offer

Although you can immediately identify it as a virtual coin, Ethereum is more of a platform. The currency’s name has always been Ether, although nowadays the name is being used

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What is Blockchain technology and why it’s so important? (Part III)

In the last part of this article, I'll be describing the different ways to use of Blockchain. The most important one is that it can be applied to every type

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What is Blockchain technology and why it’s so important (Part II)

In the first part of this story, we reviewed what a Blockchain is, as well as mining concepts. In this second part we will keep talking about the Blockchain, but

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What is Blockchain Technology and why it’s so important? (1st part)

In this blog I will try to explain what the famous Blockchain is in the cryptocurrency world, and to understand it I will also make references to some of the

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IMF warns about the “Dark Side” of Bitcoin and demands regulations

If you thought you would only hear about the “Dark Side” in the Star Wars saga or another Sci-Fi movie, let me tell you that you were as wrong as

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Mexican Chamber of Deputies passes Fintech law

On March 1st, the Mexican Chamber of Deputies approved the Financial Technology Institutions Regulation Law, also known as Fintech Law. The measured passed with a vote of 264-61 and one

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In the midst of the Digital Era, not only our habits have changed, but everything is being forced to adapt according to the needs of customers around the world. Although

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ATMCoin: Questions and answers

Why invest in ATMCoin? After the ‘Crypto Boom’ exploded almost two years ago, the cryptoeconomy has been surrounded by many concerns. There are a number of reasons to explain the

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Recap of a rollercoaster week

Over the last week, there were several events around the globe that caused an impact on the cryptoeconomy. The week began with the market still excited by new gains in the

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Crypto market is growing again, but must change its structure

Bitcoin is bouncing back after a sharp fall caused by possible regulations or even its ban in some countries, like China. After it fell below $6,000 USD, in recent days

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Litecoin skyrockets and other major cryptocurrencies follow it

The announcement of the launch of LitePay, a payment processor of Litecoin, and the rumors of a hard fork in the network of this digital asset, meant a significant boost

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PETRO: the government-issued digital currency surrounded by uncertainty

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has been battling to cement his proyect to launch the first government-issued cryptocurrency in the world. Even though Russia, England, Estonia and other countries

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Bitcoin has fallen once and again, but it has always bounced back

Bitcoin suffered a steep loss on Monday, dropping to $6,897 USD at some point during the day, according to After a downward month caused, in part, by the regulatory

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Lack of scruples of some affects you and the companies in good faith

There are quite a few examples around the world of abuse from companies in the digital currency universe. Cryptoeconomy enthusiasts are “selected” by advertising filters from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,

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2018: A vital year for digital currencies regulation

Once again, Bitcoin was a central topic of last week’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The strength in the cryptoeconomy growth shows just how important it is, but its concept

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Can the crypto economy survive?

The digital currencies plunged last week for several reasons. Political and economic factors have influenced this new digital ecosystem. Still, a slight bounce back in recent days left some wondering

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