The rising line of the digital market continues


Until mid-day of this Thursday, April 19, the digital assets market had a capitalization of $44 billion USD above the total capitalization presented by the market on Thursday of [...]

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This week’s terminology is dedicated to the so called Japanese candlestick chart, developed during the 18th century by a Japanese rice trader. Although it's ancient, it still prevails; it [...]

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It's time to Meet the Bitcoins!


In the search to introduce the people to the world of cryptocurrencies, the 'Meet the Bitcoins' project is here. 'Meet The Bitcoins' is an animated show in production about a [...]

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How long before Amazon launches its own cryptocurrency?

Last week I wrote about Amazon, the world leading e-Commerce shop and one of the most innovative and influential tech companies, which revolutionized the shopping habits of consumers with its

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Amazon: The success story of the e-Commerce King

Electronic commerce is a business system that through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is getting stronger every day, receiving great acceptance among sellers and buyers since it allows companies to

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In recent years, the e-Commerce has shown a sustained growth worldwide, and every day is greater the number of people who buy and sell online. However, the industry faces some problems

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Bits Club 02

How high is the risk of investing in digital assets?

To answer this question it's necessary to understand what INVESTING means. Investing means expending money in a company or business with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result,[...]

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Digital assets market is bouncing back

After suffering a deep plunge throughout the last week, the cryptocurrency market registered a mild bounce back this Monday, starting the day with a global market capitalization of $319.166.000.000[...]

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