Key concepts to enrich the vocabulary about the commercialization of crypto-actives, which will help you to be successful when trading them.


51% attack: It's a potential attack on the bitcoin network whereby an organization is somehow able to control the majority of the network mining power (51% or more) to prevent new transactions from being confirmed.

Bitcoin Market Potential Index (BMPI): Is a new composite indicator that conceptualizes and ranks the potential utility of Bitcoin across 178 countries to show which of them have the most and least potential to see Bitcoin adoption.

Collusion: It's when a number of network participants act in coordination or conspire to change the rules of the Blockchain for their own benefit. It bears similarity to a 51% attack.

Input: It refers to the origin of a transaction. It's usually the address belonging to the issuer of the payment, except in the case of a transaction to reward a miner.

Whisper: It's a protocol of communication and internal messaging between decentralized applications of the same Blockchain that executes it. It runs on the Ethereum protocol.


By Lilia López Chamorro

  • Lilia López Chamorro

    Lilia López Chamorro

    Mi nombre es Lilia López Chamorro, de nacionalidad colombiana, mi profesión es Contadora Pública especialista en Gerencia Tributaria... tengo una amplia experiencia profesional y trabajo como independiente en uno de los sectores comerciales que hay en la ciudad donde vivo que es San Juan de Pasto.

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