ATM Coin (ATMC), through its Youtube channel (media_atmcoin), announced on Thursday its entry into the Top-25 of the main digital currency trading platforms around the world.

In the video, Omar Cortés, ATMC's Media Manager,said that these are platforms in combination with binary options, forex and bookmakers, which will promote widespread worldwide currency disclosure, primarily because each of them has thousands of members of different nations. There, anyone will find interesting bets made through the available investment instruments.

ATMC is now part of these platforms along with the most important crypto-market world, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin. Also, you can find other crypto-coins that have great potential, like Monero, Dash and others.

Users can access those websites -listed at the end of this article-, and sign up. With an account created, what users can do is deposit money in the FIAT currency requested by the platform, and then search for ATM Coin.

This is how it works: You will bet if ATM Coin will go up or down in value, so you can profit from it. To make your predictions, you can find data to follow the development of the ATMC at or at

A very important point that needs to be addressed: these platforms are NOT Exchanges, there is not cashing for your ATMC's. These platforms are exclusively for bets where you can win by making predictions about any of the cryptocurrencies available there. A winning opportunity for you, plus a unique opportunity to increase the popularity of our ATMC; after all, be part of a strong community is also a positive influence for the currency's turnaround.

Our company has been working very hard to integrate ATMC into several Exchange platforms as well. What we want is to give you more options for monetizing your currencies through trading.

We hope this information is helpful for you, so you can take advantage of the financial oportunities that thousands of people have already experienced on these trading platforms. We are convinced that the fact that ATM Coin is among the most promising and important crypto-coins on the market, will attract more investors into our ecosystem. This is a key point for the appreciation of our currency as an altcoin of international relevance. Therefore, we will promote a greater search for ATM Coin, either on our platform or at, or by any other means by which the investors can acquire it for the value that is verified within

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By Omar Cortés

  • Lic. Omar Cortés

    Lic. Omar Cortés

    El Mtro. Omar Cortés cuenta con estudios de Licenciatura en Psicología y Grado Master en Administración de Recursos Humanos. Se especializó en Psicoterapia a través del enfoque de Carl G. Jung, además de Ética y Valores Humanos.

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