Incorporation of the ATMC by His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I, Sovereign Prince of Saint Stephen

Incorporation of the ATMC by His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I, Sovereign Prince of Saint Stephen

Sovereign Decree dated 01/26/2018, published on the official website of the Principality. Access through the link:

His Majesty, Prince Don Vincenzo Davide I, launched the Principality of Saint Stephen's own cryptocurrency, a legal tender circulated as cryptocurrency, called SPP Series A. The SPP is an official and unique cryptocurrency of supranational nature, belonging to a sovereign nation, as we can read in its description in the White Papper (link in the annex).

His Majesty also adopted a second cryptocurrency of legal tender and supranational nature, the ATMCoin (ATMC) that also will be used as an exchange currency with the SPP that was officially incorporated through the Sovereign Rescript, signed by His Majesty Don Vicenzo Davide I on January 26, 2018.

The Principality of Saint Stephen is the sequence of the original dynasty of the Roman Empire, which means that His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I is the 212th Roman Emperor since its inception, started with Emperor Constantine I, The Great, and carries the DNA of his legacy.

As a sovereign State, recognized under International Law, the Principality has been establishing diplomatic relations in several continents, with the consolidation, bilateral agreements and treaties for recognition of its Universal Monetary Policy.

The SPP Serie A, official and supranational currency of His Majesty, will be part of the main Exchanges of the market, while ATMCoin will continue to be sold only through Bits Blockchain and Bits Club, a platform currently with 13 licenses in eight countries.

With the incorporation of ATMC and its entire ecosystem, including its applications and platforms such as Bits Club, Bits Shop and Minnut, the Principality will make investments so that in no more than 30 months, it will be possible to get about 2,000 licenses for local cryptocurrency brokers and in more than 120 countries.

After that, it will be possible to exchange and trade ATMC with the main cryptocurrencies in the market, like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE), and soon, ATMcash.

Since the official launching of ATMCoin (listed on June 26, 2017 at, and August 24, 2017 at, ATMC with its private Blockchain feature, established relationships with the 'B2B' corporate market, and will continue to look for strategies to achieve its market positioning in a strong, efficient way, through other integration and application technologies.

Because of that, ATMC is listed right now on 25 binary option trading platforms, 13 local Exchange platforms, and it's been positioned within the Top-20 cryptocurrencies in transactions volume. ATMCoin is also positioned in the Top-30 ranking in monthly transactions volume, enabling its Exchange, Bits Blockchain, to consolidate within the Top-20 in the ranking of global Exchanges listed on CoinMarketCap.

We are also updating the API of the explorer.bitsblockchain, aiming to send it to CoinmarketCap in the next few days. By achieving that, we will experience a dramatic leap in the ranking of that platform to meet the Circulating Supply criteria, which should take the ATMC into the Top-10 of the cryptocurrency market.

As a result, this will attract more investors, companies and traders, promoting the mass incorporation of ATMC, which despite its inception just over 6 months ago, posses the most effective strategy and aggressive market positioning. These are the reasons why our digital currency, with its disruptive proposals, has achieved extraordinary results in an extremely competitive and innovative market.

This policy aims to replace the old, traditional economy that impoverishes the people, divides nations, and enriches only the rein-holders of the global financial monopoly, generating the inequality and social injustice known by all of us. Because of all that, the movement that ignited the creation of thousands of FINTECHs around the world, and that already has millions of loyal and enthusiastic users, now earns the support of a Sovereign National State, the Principality of Saint Stephen.

The ATMC will join forces with this Principality to contribute to a true renewal of human principles and values, promoting an economic and financial freedom never known in the traditional economic model, which in this era is outdated, insecure and inefficient. That's why  we recommend everybody, from the unorthodox economists to the enthusiasts of the revolutionary cryptoeconomy and the Blockchain technology (public or private), to learn about the innovative monetary policy of His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I.

ITDA Corp. is honored to incorporate ATMCoin as the second cryptocurrency of legal tender. In the end, we want to provide to the Principality all our experience of more than 18 years in the market of payment options, prepaid cards and electronic transactions, building and integrating financial platforms, advanced training, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, e-commerce, optimization of the use of social media, among others.

We also want that our community can also reap the benefits of our work. As of today we have more than 90,000 users, people loyal and supportive of our project, as well as enthusiasts that trust in the future of this endeavor to which we've put our heart and soul on.

Down below you will find the access link to the White Papper of the new SSP Series A cryptocurrency, as well as the links to our ATMCoin indexes and its ranking in the market. If you find value in this information, please share it with your friends through social media or any other means, and help other people to understand and be part of the cryptoeconomic world, with confidence and prosperity.

White Paper:

Comparative Exchanges:

  • Coinmarketcap (ranking by circulating supply)

  • Blocktrustee (ranking by total supply)

  • Wallet Investor (24-hour ranking by volume)

  • Stokz (24-hour ranking by volume)

In derogation of applicable provisions of international treaties or domestic laws, any person that avails itself of any service or product, directly or indirectly, connected with this website (or app) is hereby construed as having irrevocably and unconditionally accepted (i) that the laws of the Crown of Saint Stephen of the Imperial and Royal Most Serene Sovereign Princely House of Siniscalchi di Saraùsa apply exclusively, having absolute precedence over any other law of any other jurisdiction, and (ii) to elect as exclusive jurisdiction and venue, which hold respectively absolute precedence over any other jurisdiction and venue whatsoever, His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I's Court of Saint Stephen located at SHN Quadra 02, Bloco F, Sala 916, Ed. Executive Office Tower, CEP 70702-906, Brasília -DF / Brazil.


By Marcus Almeida    ITDA Corp. Founding Partner

  • Marcus Almeida

    Marcus Almeida

    Analista de Sistemas, Organización & Métodos, Gestor de Proyectos. Es un empresario visionario con más de 20 años en la industria financiera, dirigiendo pasarelas de pagos, plataformas de mercadeo digital, tarjetas pre-pagadas; actualmente dirige negocios con presencia física en más de 10 países, proveyendo soluciones integradas para la industria de venta directa, mercadeo en red, distribución, trading y exchange.

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