ATMCoin: Questions and answers

ATMCoin: Questions and answers

Why invest in ATMCoin? After the ‘Crypto Boom’ exploded almost two years ago, the cryptoeconomy has been surrounded by many concerns. There are a number of reasons to explain the fear in the market enthusiasts:

  • Lack of knowledge about its operation;
  • Future: Concerns regarding a market this young;
  • Technicality: Difficulty to understand such a specific language;
  • Technological Barrier: The need for a minimum interaction with tech devices, and some interest in the financial market, even if you only intent to use cryptocurrencies commercially, as we do with conventional money.
  • Reliability: Natural concern for the unknown and the intentions of third parties promoting ICOs, mining, e-wallets, the Blockchain, Exchanges, etc; in addition to the well-known financial pyramids and ponzi schemes.
  • Legality: Concerns about a possible government intervention and the exposure to frauds and scams.

For more than the 18 years we have been immersed in the global financial market and the development of information security technologies. Here at ITDA Corp. we have the experience and strength in the services we provide. We always say that our knowledge of the market was extremely important for the launching of our cryptocurrency project, the ATMCoin and all its supporting platforms, but specially its growth.

 “We are fully committed with the solid, healthy and supported growth of our currency and its platforms. Our commitment is with our investors, users, business partners and with the market as a whole.”

(Marcus Almeida – ITDA Corp. Founding partner)


We perfectly understand the root of those fears, that’s why we always stay in touch with our users through our channels at ATMCoin, Bits Blockchain and Bits Club, either on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. We also have a multilingual support system at, in addition to this blog, and

With our posts, videos and interviews, our goal is to provide you with important information so that, in addition to have a better understanding of our system, you can also learn about de cryptocurrency market, access the most important news that may impact trading, keep yourself informed about our next steps and actions to help strengthen our coin and platforms.


We keep you in our minds with everything we do. You, who trusted ATMCoin to strength your finances and to profit from the digital economy in a reliable and secure way. This is because we offer our users, and each and every one of our platforms, the most advanced security system and data protection (click here for more information).

Today, ATMCoin is a currency that in less than NINE MONTHS (it was launched June 26, 2017), has managed not only to appear among the main comparative platforms on the market (also known as cryptocurrency Exchanges) like We are a cryptocurrency of legal tender and supranational nature adopted by His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I, from the Principality of Saint Stephen (More information here).

 “ATMCoin (ATMC) is the first cryptocurrency of legal tender and supranational nature in the digital asset market. It can be traded for other digital or fiat currencies.’’

(Javier Espinosa – ITDA Corp. Founding partner)



First, we want to say there are many agreements, improvements and innovations we are bringing to you. Second, we want to clear any doubts that many times cause confusion or even fear in some users.

Whatever may be the reason you have acquired, received or obtained ATMCoin, it is very important that you know our currency is moving constantly, growing exponentially and gaining the trust of investors, businesses, and now, also Sovereign States.

We are a digital asset projected for the business world! In our Whitepaper we describe our proposal; reasons for the existence of the ATMCoin, our sustainable development project, focused on the stabilization and liquidity of the coin. Read our Whitepaper! Once you understand what the consolidation of the ATMCoin ecosystem means, you will understand the currency projections made by WalletInvestor.

We DO NOT support, direct, validate or are involved in any fraudulent financial pyramid scheme whatsoever. It is important for us to clarify this point, since some users still don’t understand the difference. We even suggest you to avoid any company that offers you exorbitant profits, specially using Bitcoin as a cover. The news are full of negative examples that harm the reputation of the digital market, which is the future of the global economy. Get more information at

The ATMCoin is a digital asset (cryptocurrency or virtual coin) with a private Blockchain. Bits Blockchain provides an online Exchange, Trading and E-Wallet sevice. However, due to its backup system, it's a cryptocurrency based on other projects/platforms described in our Whitepaper. Its purpose is to make the ATMCoin a currency with solid liquidity and value to be used as a mean of payment (learn more about the project here).

Another recurring question is regarding our Circulating Supply, which is zero on the CoinMarketCap platform, as if there were no currencies circulating. Recently, in the article where we announced the incorporation of ATMCoin to the Principality of Saint Stephen, we spoke about updating the APO of the explorer.bitsblockchain, an action needed so CoinMarketCap corrects this information failure. According to some projections, we should have a massive surge in the cryptocurrency ranking, attracting more investors and improving the liquidity in the ATMC trading with the other cryptocurrencies.

Do you realize there is a strategy behind our business? Then you can calm down and trust in the ATMC.

This year began by demonstrating the strength of our currency, and even ratifying what we have mentioned in previous posts about the strategies to give liquity to the ATMC this year. We mentioned, for example, the inclusion of ATMCoin in platforms of binary options. (Click here for more).

We invite you to visit the links in this story and follow us on our social media platforms! Knowledge is everything in an ever-changing market.


By Thiago Barbosa

  • Lic. Thiago Barbosa

    Lic. Thiago Barbosa

    Consultor de empresas con más de 10 años de experiencia en el mercado. Está especializado en el entrenamiento de equipos de ventas y desarrollo de campañas de marketing.

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