In the midst of the Digital Era, not only our habits have changed, but everything is being forced to adapt according to the needs of customers around the world. Although some countries and companies remain reluctant to accept cryptocurrencies, sooner or later that would be inevitable in order to stay competitive in the market (as we know that more payment options mean more potential customers), as well as for its safety and growth.

Multiple companies have already adopted cryptocurrency payments and many more will join them soon.

On February 27, for example, Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz said the company is considering the Blockchain technology to develop a new payment app.

During an interview with Fox Business, Schultz talked about using their “own digital currency” along a payment app. Questioned about Starbucks using Blockchain technology for these new payment app, Schultz said the company “probably” would lean in that direction.

“I think Blockchain technology is probably the rails in which an integrated app at Starbucks will be sitting on top of,” the former CEO of the coffee giant said.

Schultz’s comments came almost a month after he spoke about the company plans to lean even more in Blockchain technology to process payments.

However, the executive said Bitcoin won’t play a role in the strategy and warned it won’t be “the currency of the future”.

He also stated that Starbucks isn’t developing a digital currency neither he announced any investment in Blockchain or any other cryptocurrency, but would like to use the company’s name to provide credibility to these new technologies.

Schultz suggested that technology could play a major role in the way Starbucks works towards “expanding its relationship with digital customers”, even though nobody knows how Starbucks will use the Blockchain in a practical way.

The following is a list of companies that already accept Bitcoin as payment:


Now you can buy plane tickets, book hotels or rent a car and pay with cryptocurrencies, since Expedia is one of the biggest travel agencies in the world. You can pay with your Bitcoin e-Wallet.


Trailblazer in the Bitcoin era, this company accepts the cryptocurrency as payment since January 2014. The sales through digital currencies immediately skyrocketed. Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne, is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who keeps the Bitcoins they have earned as company assets. He also donated 4% of all the sales with Bitcoins to foundations that support the digital coin.


Since 2014, Dell is part of the tech companies accepting Bitcoins as payment. It even offers discounts for those paying with cryptocurrencies.


You can use Bitcoins for payments all over the world through PayPal Payments hub. As one of the pioneers of the e-Commerce sector, the company grew dramatically in recent years and is currently one of the leading payment processing companies in the world.


Bill Gate’s company is also part of the cryptocurrency world. You can use Bitcoin for funds in your company account and buy games, apps and other digital contents.

These were just some examples of the impact and importance of the digital world. There will be those who accept cryptocurrencies from this point on, there will be those who don’t just yet, but its undeniable that the digital market is growing constantly and, eventually, most business will be forced to move in that direction.


By Danielli Mena


Sources: Fox Business, Globo

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