Blockchain technology in online gaming

Blockchain technology in online gaming

Over the last few years, several companies have ventured into the digital currency market with some curious proposals, to say the least. But these proposals are just variations of the same topic: Buying and selling virtual elements.

Although we’re not talking about a sudden boom of multiple versions of one same thing, the fact that there are already different proposals in the market fits the definition of a “trend”, but in this case, confined to the criptocurrency field.


It all began with CryptoKitties

It is believed that CryptoKitties was the one that started this “trend”. This is one of the first online games built on the Blockchain, and it has a very simple mechanic: Buy, sell and breed virtual kitties.

Of course, the transactions are done with a critpocurrency: Ether. But that’s not the only use of Blockchain technology in this game, since it is also used to “create” the kitties. This way, each one of them is unique and unrepeatable. The kitten is completely yours, it can't be copied or destroyed, and nobody can take it away from you.

The game is not only about collecting kitties, but also matching them with other cats so they can breed and have a litter of new kittens, which can be sold later. The offspring, just like their parents, are also unique.

The game was a big success shortly after its launching online. In just the first week, toward the end of 2017, its transactions amounted 3.5 percent of all the operations carried out with Ethereum, and by February that number had grown to 15 percent.

This kind of innovations keep paving the way for the Blockchain technology, as well as its inclusion and use in the digital world.


By Jorge Espinosa

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    Jorge Espinosa

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