“All Mine”: The game that allows you to mine real cryptocurrencies

“All Mine”: The game that allows you to mine real cryptocurrencies

This familiar puzzle game comes with one particularity: It pays you to play!

While you are playing, and even when you are doing something else in your computer, the game is working for you! Using just a low quantity of energy, one of the main features of this game is that it can be played in a standard computer, just like the one you have at home.

Playing is as simple as following a path through the same type of tiles and triggering reactions, while getting rewards. The game is easy to understand, but deceptively strategic. It is fun, engaging and a perfect choice to play with friends.

You can mine real cryptocurrencies while playing, and you can keep most of your profits and use them for updates.

In “All Mine”, you can build utopias and play them with “Adoraboos”, the cute creatures that you earn while playing. You start with, let’s say, a dragon, and later you can add a unicorn, a kitten or a polar bear. As you keep playing, you can earn things that make them happy, like food and treats. The “Adoraboos” will react with emotion whenever you get rewards. You can even send them to expeditions, which allows you to level up.

“All Mine” is designed to attract players of all ages. It is simple at the beginning, but the game has some viral elements for you to come back for more fun and Jewelz (the implicit cryptocurrency).

The game is also meant to educate: Players will learn more about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as they progress.

The game has three main elements:

  1. Mini-games used to win turns for mining.
  2. A mining game to get new resources (eggs).
  3. Customized 3D utopias to host your “Adoraboos”.

Every mini-game can be played for around 10 minutes, and then it must “cool off” for several hours until the users can play it again. This prevents hyperactive users from playing to hoard Jewelz. Players can only exploit the turns they’ve earned through mini-games.

You can get up to 25 mining turns in one mini-game session. During the mining process the players pick up eggs, which can be used later to hatch new “Adoraboos” in their utopia. These cute creatures rely on you for food and entertainment.

If your utopia is getting crowded, you can get more of them to host your increasing “Adoraboos” collection. You can also update your utopias with tons of aesthetic complements, either unlocking them or buying them with Jewelz.

“All Mine” is fun for all skill levels. You get additional assets by playing well, but playing bad is never punished. It also has an important social aspect: You can visit some friend’s utopia through your game tag, and invite them to come visit yours.

Once you join a friend’s utopia, you can play any mini-game, even if the game is in its recovery period. Whenever you play a mini-game in a friend’s utopia, you unlock the game for him so he can start playing without waiting to “cool off”. So the more friends you have in the game, the more mini-games you can play and, therefore, you can earn more Jewelz. As you can see, friendship is really valuable in “All Mine”.

“All Mine” is free of charge. The only currency you use is Jewelz, which you can get just by playing. Players can choose to either spend their Jewelz inside the game or cash them out by converting them to other cryptographic or fiat currencies.


By Jorge Espinosa

Source: “All Mine”


  • Jorge Espinosa

    Jorge Espinosa

    Licenciado en Administración de Empresas, Director General de Empowerment Support, empresa que brinda soporte técnico a diversas plataformas de comercio electrónico a nivel mundial; consultor y socio de Human Behavior Strategy, empresa dedicada al desarrollo humano. Ha sido publirelacionista de artistas internacionales y actualmente liderea un proyecto social, creando consciencia y valores en la juventud.

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