A glossary is a catalog of autochthonous or technical words of a particular field, words also known as thesaurus, or specific lexicon. The words are alphabetized and a brief explanation of the meaning of each one is given to understand them clear and concisely.


Fintech: This word is an acronym for fiancial technology. It is used to describe the companies that offer financial products or services, but with the use of computer and communication technologies, thereby reducing costs and making the service much more efficient compared to traditional banking.

Virtual Platform: It's known as the system that allows the execution of multiple applications within the same ecosystem, giving the user the possibility of having access to them through the internet. These platforms not only offer the advantage of do anything the people need wherever they are, but also most of them ara available 24/7. They serve for the storage of different types of information, not only for personal use but also for business, and thanks to its versatility when executing programs or applications with different contents, they can be used for entertainment such as virtual games, as well as making payments or business transactions. They can be of open or closed source, depending on the needs of its users.

Trade: In the cryptocurrency world, this word is used to refer to the commercialization of digital assets. It is the negotiation or speculation regarding the financial markets, in order to generate a profit. Unlike traditional investments, trading returns are supposed to happen in a shorter term; the returns can be capitalized in a matter of weeks, days, hours, or even minutes. Thanks to these new technologies, anyone can do it and feel the adrenaline of trading in the financial markets.

Traders: Also called brokers, traders can be companies or self-employed workers who provide their services to carry out trades within financial platforms. A person or an automated system can carry out these financial transactions. They are stock traders who buy and sell financial instruments, stocks, currencies, etc. This sector uses graphics and many others financial instruments to take advantage of the speculation in the market, so they can generate profits for the person they represent. There are also simulators that teach how to use these tools to learn about the cryptocurrency trading.

QR Code: Like many of the terms used in this sector, the QR code is an acronym for the words Quick Response Code. This code is the result of the evolution of the bar code. It's used to store information in a type of matrix (or two-dimensional) barcode. With the use of smartphones we can recover this information by simply pointing the camera of our phones to the QR code.


By Ana Gasca

  • Ana Gasca Tort

    Ana Gasca Tort

    Lic. En seguridad pública con 20 años de experiencia en la atención a clientes tanto en empresas públicas como privadas. Con alta experiencia en diferentes área de psicología, gestión pública y privada y comportamiento humano

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