D.Tube: A YouTube alternative based on Blockchain technology

D.Tube: A YouTube alternative based on Blockchain technology

D.Tube is the first decentralized video platform based on the Blockchain technology, aiming to become a YouTube alternative that allows people to watch or upload videos in IPFS, and share and comment about the Blockchain system while earning cryptocurrencies in the process.

The IPFS is a protocol of decentralized file storage. The principle behind it is called Distributed Hash Tables (DHT). Just like a cryptocurrency uses asymmetric cryptography, DHT networks encrypt their contents to identify a file. The hash becomes the file identifier, and it’s as easy as doing the file hash once again and make sure they match, just to guarantee the information sent is the original.

Because of the decentralized nature of IPFS and the use of Blockchain technology, D.Tube can’t censor any content nor impose guidelines. The users are the only ones that can censor any video with either upvotes or downvotes.

There aren’t any hidden algorithms in D.Tube that control the visibility or costs of certain videos. The Blockchain technology allows all data to become public and be analyzed by any person with an internet connection.

With YouTube, you must comply with minimum requirements in order to earn money (at least 10.000 visits and over 4.000 hours of visualized content), while on D.Tube you can start cashing out from you very first video, and the payment is made in cryptocurrencies.

Instead of define the success of a video from its visits, in D.Tube is represented by an amount in US dollars. While the content creator makes money based on the visits the videos receive, the users can also receive an income just by evaluating the contents.

And finally, unlike YouTube, D.Tube runs without publicity. The users can advertise any product or service they want through their own videos, but risking losing subscribers.


By Jorge Espinosa

Source: D.Tube


  • Jorge Espinosa

    Jorge Espinosa

    Licenciado en Administración de Empresas, Director General de Empowerment Support, empresa que brinda soporte técnico a diversas plataformas de comercio electrónico a nivel mundial; consultor y socio de Human Behavior Strategy, empresa dedicada al desarrollo humano. Ha sido publirelacionista de artistas internacionales y actualmente liderea un proyecto social, creando consciencia y valores en la juventud.

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