HTC ventures into Blockchain technology

HTC ventures into Blockchain technology

HTC Exodus is the new smartphone by the Taiwan-based company HTC, which is betting on Blockchain technology by creating the world’s first cell phone focused entirely on apps and decentralized security, according to its official website.

We previously talked about FINNEY, the bet from Sirin Labs to compete in the Blockchain devices market. Both companies will release their devices shortly.

HTC Exodus is the first Blockchain phone focused in improving the decentralized app (DApp) user experience, including a safe hardware, which will be integrated in order to help the derivative protocols expand their nodes base, broadening the total Blockchain ecosystem, said Phil Chen, head of HTC’s business and corporate development, through its Medium account.

The Exodus main goal is allow the consumers to really own their personal information (browsing history, identity, assets, wallets, emails, messages, etc.) without the intervention from central authorities.

The HTC Exodus will have its own universal wallet with hardware-based encryption which, according to the company, will be unique for every device since the goal is to have a safe phone to manage cryptocurrencies and DApps, and will be able to support multiple Blockchains, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) included.

You can already reserve your HTC Exodus at


By Jorge Espinosa

Source: HTC

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