The Empire Strikes Back: Lord Rothschild launches FedCoin and promises to destroy Bitcoin

The Empire Strikes Back: Lord Rothschild launches FedCoin and promises to destroy Bitcoin

Lord Rothschild (Jacob Rothschild) has announced plans to launch a cryptocurrency approved by the US government called FedCoin that, according to him, will completely destroy the threat that Bitcoin represents for the dollar, or rather for the global cartel of 'banksters' and the financial system based on indebtedness.

The Zionist “modus operandi” would be exposed if, given the threat that Bitcoin poses to the global elite, the integration of cryptocurrencies of the central banks controlled by the Rothschild family is imposed. Cryptocurrency is a revolution that has the potential to change the global financial system, but the most recognized specialists still believe that the world's central banks will never allow digital coins to go that far.

When the time of integration comes, the current development of cryptocurrency would go through a critical period, because people would have to make it very clear that they do not want the cryptocurrencies of a central bank, which would simply be an extension of the current system based on debt, which systematically enslaves humankind.

The most appealing side of cryptocurrencies is that they are not based on debt and allow people to become independent from the current system.

FedCoin does not exist yet, but some experts tout it as the most widely used cryptocurrency in the future. In an opinion article published last December by the Washington Post entitled “Bitcoin is great. But FedCoin is bigger,” its author, Professor Campbell R. Harvey of Duke University, says the arrival of FedCoin is inevitable:

“(Recently) investors have been flocking to Bitcoin, the digital currency whose value has soared by about 2,000 percent in the past year alone. And while many economists are cautioning against excitement about Bitcoin — which is caught up in what may be one of the biggest speculative bubbles in history — it’s important to note just how revolutionary the technology may be. Indeed, the technology underlying Bitcoin could fundamentally change the way we think of money.”

Professor Harvey says “It is only a matter of time before paper money is phased out,” and that some version of FedCoin is “inevitable”.

The article is somewhat worrisome because the main feature of cryptocurrencies is that they are fully independent, and once the Federal Reserve and other central banks begin to create their own digital coins, they will try to restrict the use of any other competitor.

The one thing that could derail the cryptocurrency revolution more than anything else would be the interference of national governments or global central banks. But they should just leave us alone to create our own currencies.

The cryptocurrency revolution is developing very well, and there is no need for any intrusion. However, if they did, by losing control of the global economy, they would also lose control of humankind.

But that day may be closer than we think. The US government has already invested millions of dollars in cryptocurrency research. In addition, the Federal Reserve is not alone; other central banks are doing their own research and the Bank for International Settlements says that “all central banks” may eventually need their own cryptocurrencies.


By Antonio Menéndez

Source: Bolsamanía

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