Where to buy a Father's Day gift by paying with Bitcoin

Where to buy a Father's Day gift by paying with Bitcoin

Last month, we wrote an article about online stores where you could find gifts to celebrate Mother's Day and paying them with Bitcoin. Well, this month Father's Day is celebrated in many countries, so now we'll tell you where to buy dad's presents using Bitcoin.

Currently there are more than 30,000 companies that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Below, we give you some ideas for gifts that can be purchased with digital assets.

  • If you want dad to choose his gifts, an E-Gifter card is a good option. They offer gift cards for some of the major retailers in the world, such as Amazon, Dell, Best Buy, Omaha Steaks, Home Depot and Macy's.
  • At overstock.com you can buy things like leather furniture, watches, travel bags, clothing, sporting goods and electronics.
  • A prepaid vacation from BTCtrip.com or Cheapair.com, with transportation, hotel, car rental and many other things included.
  • What about a delicious family dinner. There are already many restaurants that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, which can be found through coinmap.org, a site to find the physical locations of business that accept Bitcoin in the world, but it also shows their reach in a specific area or region.
  • Indulge your dad with a relaxing massage with Hot Tub Barn, which offers hot tubs and swimming spas. They proudly accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.
  • For the fathers who like to acquire precious metals such as gold or silver, Agora Commodities offers gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium for them. This store prefers Bitcoin over all other means of payment.
  • For dads who love video games, Game Supply offers a wide selection of gift cards for games and gaming platforms. They also offer video games delivered digitally for Xbox, Nintendo, Play Station, iTunes and PC.
  • If your dad's passion is sports, then Sports Fans Plus is your best option. They sell NFL, MLB and NBA merchandise, as well as decorative items for the bedroom such as sheets, pillow cases, curtains and furniture covers.

Finally, if you have a dad who's involved in the cryptocurrency world and the Blockchain technology, there are some Bitcoin-related gifts that you can give him.

  • A Trezor wallet: Trezor physical wallets are recognized worldwide for their safety to protect your savings.
  • Books about Bitcoin: Amazon has many available, several of them quite cheap. Some of them are 'Understanding Bitcoin,' 'Mastering Blockchain,' 'Blockchain Basics' and 'The Blockchain Alternative,' to name a few.
  • Movies about Bitcoin: There are several interesting documentaries about Bitcoin, which motivate people to learn more about cryptocurrencies. We recommend 'Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It' and 'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.'

We hope this article's been helpful, and that you can use your Bitcoins to indulge and have a good time with your father.


By Ana María Morales

  •  Ana Maria Morales Rosales

    Ana Maria Morales Rosales

    Profesional en Administración de Negocios Internacionales con especialidad en Gestión Contable y Financiera y empresaria independiente, cuenta con 5 años de experiencia en la comercialización de intangibles y la creación de equipos de trabajo de alto rendimiento, conformados por emprendedores de diversos sectores del mercado, tanto en Colombia, como en otros países de Latino América.

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