Interview Don Vincenzo Davide I

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Interview Don Vincenzo Davide I

"I am the last of the Caesars, and I want my empire"

Vincenzo Davide is the heir of Constantino: "I claim my rights"

Brazil has already granted the diplomatic seat

June 25, 2018


Vincenzo Davide Siniscalchi de Saraùsa is a simple man. He speaks with a lower voice, never raising his tone, with his Syracuse accent, softened by the many years he spent in the United States. He dresses sporty and sober. No helmet, tunic, cape, sword, or flag. Nothing that can be understood about being in the presence of the Roman Emperor.

You read it correctly: the Roman Emperor. Because His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I, Sovereign Prince of St. Stephen, is the 212th August, successor by blood right of Constantine 'The Great', with all the sovereign rights of the names and weapons of the Nemagna-Palaiologos dynasty.

Your Majesty, do you realize this is not easy to explain...

"I realize that there is a chance someone might respond, 'Yes, and I am Napoleon.' In fact, I started to study when they explained it to me in October 2008."

You didn't know you were the Emperor?

"No, I was a noble from the old family. I left Italy at the age of 25 to move to the United States, where I had started a brilliant career as a lawyer, an expert in international law and finances, which has taken me so many years to face the highest authorities in the United States and the world. I lived near Washington, in the middle of the high society."

Then, what happened?

"I received a phone call from Don Francesco Maria Mariano d'Otranto, my predecessor, who informed me of his intention to abdicate in my favor, as his legitimate successor, as well as a meticulous research he did, about all of his rights and prerogatives for him and his heirs."

And what did you say?

"I asked him to see the documents. I studied them for a couple of months and everything was true. At that moment, I spoke with my family, my wife and my daughters. I accepted the succession, destined to revolutionize..."

Peculiar word in the mouth of a sovereign...

"I know, but this was (destined) for our lives. They said they were ready to face this challenge. I accepted, and our lives changed forever."


"Meaning that I gave up my career, I gave up the American citizenship and, later, I returned to Italy, where, since 1457, my dynasty had been relocated."

And then what happened?

"A lot of things. First of all, I studied to understand what was happening. Then, I started working for my rights to be recognized and respected."

The Nemagna-Paleologos dynasty would be the heir of the Serbian throne...

"Serbia and all the Balkans. But in reality, as a legitimate successor in universum jus of Constantino, my rights are much broader."

How much broader?

"You can see, according to international law, to deprive a sovereign of his prerogatives, it is necessary a debellatio (conquest), or the transfer of all its rights. For example, after a conquest. Because the conquest is that; however, a declaration of war must happen, a conflict ending in a total and unconditional surrender, and a peace treaty by the conqueror at the time of the birth of the kingdoms. None of that happened, and even in many of the following steps.”

Does that mean you are still the legitimate ruler of all the territories that belonged to the Roman Empire?

"Yes, and as a result, many others. But I do not intend to claim ownership of the territories, without renouncing my sovereign prerogatives in the territory. And I ask that my legitimate sovereign rights are recognized."

And how, without claiming ownership of the territories?

"It can happen, as it happened with the State of Palestine in 2012, which was recognized by the UN, even though its capital, Jerusalem, and the territory, coincide with that of Israel. Although in my case the territory coincides with those of other States, I made the analogy of my case with that of Palestine, and with my old colleagues of international law operating in New York, and they said I was right with the addition that, in my case, we are talking about a supranational State."

So, Your Majesty, are you asking for the rights of a legitimate Roman emperor to be recognized?

"Yes, even if my State, the Roman Empire, is reorganized territorially, I decided to change the name to Saint Stephen Principality (as understood in the Roman Law), in honor of the first patron of the Empire, and in that sense, I also have reconstituted the Saint Stephen Imperial Nemagnic Constantinian Holy Order. This is because I am aware that it's been 1700 years since Constantine, and I have to take into account the history and rights of the peoples”.

And how did you get the recognition?

Thanks to my previous activities, I have many international contacts, to whom I have presented my request and the documents in my power. And the results are coming.

For example?

“For instance, Paraguay not only has recognized my legitimacy as a sovereign, but has also decide to give in all the sovereign rights over a zone, now part of their national territory, where I can reorganize the territory of the Saint Stephen Principality. Besides, Brazil has recognized my sovereignty, and has allowed me to open a special delegation, a diplomatic seat with full power, in Brasilia. With this, the Saint Stephen Crown will be part of Mercosur, the economic and political bloc of South America”.

Will you be part of the economic markets?

“It already exists. As part of a sovereign authority, you have the right to mint money and, in fact, we do”.

Is there a currency in the Principality of Saint Stephen?

“Two, in fact, and already in circulation. The Saint Stephen Lira and ATM Coin that, for conveniency, we have launched in the crypto-economy market, even if it is a sovereign currency. And do you know what happened?”

What happened?

“The market has accepted it with great enthusiasm. At this time, for instance, ATM Coin is valued at $4 USD.”

So, your currency is of legal tender?

“Of course. And I am proposing a monetary and financial system already successful in the old Roman Empire that could revolutionize (again this word, I know), the markets and finances”.

Explain, explain...

“The entire banking and financial systems are based on credit and debt. All the purchases of goods and services of individuals, companies and States work through the credit system, meaning loans. This system is suffocating for the world's economy, strangled by a mass of debt, which enriches just a few and is the ruin of the nations. However, through existing monetary techniques, I propose a monetary system based on investment instead of debt.”

And, how can you do it?

“From an accounting point of view. For example, if a restaurant buys 20 pounds of apples, because this is a perishable good, the transaction falls into the category of costs. On the other hand, if the same restaurant goes with the producer and gets a contract in which he pays 2,000 thousand euros in advance, and this guarantees a year's supply of the apples, according to established procedures and deadlines, this expense is part of the investment, because it is as if the catering company had invested in the activity of the producer, for a service that is in the future, and assume part of the business risk. My system is based in this principle.”

Can you be more specific?

“By being able to make money, I don't have liquidity problems and I pay everything immediately, so that falls within the field of investments... You can keep the whole economic and financial system within this principle. I can pay in advance the lifetime's remuneration of a professional worker, who can take it little by little or all together, if he prefers. Within my budget, this would be an investment. Likewise, I can support a company by immediately allocating the salaries of the employees and, of course, checking if at the end of the year this company has been profitable or just wasted the money.”

Always based on an investment system...

“That is right, investment in people's work and not debt, as it does now the banking-credit card system. The ultimate goal is to make people free to decide over their existence and future. I have the largest direct loan with Itaù Unibanco, the twentieth largest bank in Almond _ and the largest in Latin America _ by market percapitalization. I have also opened a small stock exchange, scdexchange (, in addition to a site of the Principality (, and a Facebook profile, which allows businesses to buy merchandise, exchange currencies and that, although it's been active for just a few days, it's already the twentieth in the world by capitalization.

“We also closed agreements with Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, which operates in the Asian markets. On this platform, you can open current accounts and get debit cards for each kind of transaction.”

But, how is it possible that you, Your Majesty, can do all this? The State is not going to give up their prerogatives...

“I think many people will be interested. The States are plagued by debt. I can offer to cancel their debt immediately in exchange for adhering to my economic and financial system, while continuing to maintain their sovereign prerogatives.”

Excuse me, what is the patrimony of your Crown?

“Look, nowadays the Saint Stephen's lira capitalization is the equivalent of a little over $300 billion USD, which, nonetheless, does not represent the total inheritance of my old Crown.”

And where does that come from?

“Based on the estimation of three experts in the field.”

And the debt of all the countries in the world?

“Approximately $244 billion USD at the end of 2017.”


“So, my system can change the fate of the world's economy and the life of the people from all countries. That's the reason why many people have tried to stop me all these years, but now they can't do it. It's too late.”

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    Marcus Almeida

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