The digital market refuses to grow

The digital market refuses to grow

The digital market fell once again on Thursday despite soaring last Saturday, reaching a total capitalization of $279.33 billion USD, presenting a capitalization opportunity for those who invested in digital assets on Wednesday of last week.

The market managed to hold on until Sunday; however it was a short-lived surprise because just a few hours later it began to fall and this Thursday the total capitalization went down to $245.98 billion USD, a meaningful lost of $33.34 billion, especially after the promising boost from last weekend.

All the cryptocurrencies in the Top 10 were showing red numbers. This time, Bitcoin, Stellar, Cardano and EOS suffered the biggest losses, although the market expects a recovery in the next 48 hours.

This past Wednesday, there were big news from the world's banking sector when Jose Maria Linares, executive vice president for the Spanish bank Santander, announced through a statement that “the wave of digitalization that is occurring in the financial industry is accelerating.”

In the statement, the Spanish bank announced the creation of a Blockchain research team to look into the technology’s potential to change securities trading, and explore the use of tokenized securities in debt capital markets, derivatives and other financial products.

Just last April, the bank began a pilot program on its remittances service, with Blockchain-based operations under the Ripple platform.

“Our clients expect this to result in better solutions, lower costs and new categories of products and services that enable them to access capital markets more efficiently than ever before. We want to offer our clients what they expect from us,” said Linares.


By Omar Cortes


  • Lic. Omar Cortés

    Lic. Omar Cortés

    El Mtro. Omar Cortés cuenta con estudios de Licenciatura en Psicología y Grado Master en Administración de Recursos Humanos. Se especializó en Psicoterapia a través del enfoque de Carl G. Jung, además de Ética y Valores Humanos.

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