Bits Club: The first cryptocurrency multiplatform for the Latin American market

Bits Club: The first cryptocurrency multiplatform for the Latin American market

Cryptocurrencies represent an evolutionary leap in our commercial behavior, since we don’t need any more intermediaries to handle our money because without bills and coins (traditional money or fiat currency), mobile devices are becoming the preferred way to pay all our transactions.

Today, we welcome the first multiplatform for the electronic trade of cryptocurrencies: Bits Club (known in Mexico as “Wallet Prosperity” and “Market Prosperity” in Colombia), developed by the Mexican engineer Javier Espinosa and his renowned team of programmers.

This is an extremely safe system that uses Blockchain technology, the world’s most advanced for handling transactions, easy to use, and accessible with just one click of your smartphone, tablet or computer, that allows you to control your funds and finances through electronic wallets, where you can store your money and have it available whenever you want.

In addition, you can also buy and sell without using credit or debit cards and gain safe access to new business, reinventing the way you trade with this extremely safe paying method that never shares your personal information, and nobody but you have access to your account and wallets.

There are currently hundreds of coins and cryptocurrencies platforms, but none of them offer so many features like Bits Club, where you can access the platform from a browser and begin trading cryptocurrencies with other users (P2P), buy and sell digital assets both domestic and internationally, online shopping in our network’s partner establishments without having to trade your cryptocurrencies, and store different coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, ATMCoin and ATMCash, all of th in a completely safe and supported way.

There are endless benefits for the users, and the main one is the backing of every movement without deleting the previous information. This is aimed at verifying every transaction in each server, keeping the information safe, updated and reliable.

Handling cryptocurrencies requires patience, effort and discipline, but everyone can do it, and there’s no better way than doing it in a platform that provides guarantees and is at the forefront of the market needs.

Can you imagine having access to all the tools a cryptocurrency user needs in just one platform? e-Wallets, e-Commerce, investments and personal trading adapted to your needs and the context of your place, with a configurable and customizable system.

You can get all that by becoming a member of the Bits Club community, a white label multiplatform with all the necessary development and tech support and adjustable to the specific economic and/or financial context according to your region, like Mexico and Colombia, which are already using it.


By Ana María Morales

  •  Ana Maria Morales Rosales

    Ana Maria Morales Rosales

    Profesional en Administración de Negocios Internacionales con especialidad en Gestión Contable y Financiera y empresaria independiente, cuenta con 5 años de experiencia en la comercialización de intangibles y la creación de equipos de trabajo de alto rendimiento, conformados por emprendedores de diversos sectores del mercado, tanto en Colombia, como en otros países de Latino América.

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