Mexico opens its first Etherum-based tender

Mexico opens its first Etherum-based tender

Later this month, México will open its first real tender on a Blockchain network. A new regulating model for this network will also be unveiled with the promise of being an ally of public contracts in terms of transparency.

“The goal is to strengthen even more the prototype presented last April during Talent Land 2018, and in August unveil a public network control model”, said professor Yolanda Martinez Mancilla, National Digital Strategy coordinator, who backed the project since it came up at a Campus Party 2017 “Hackaton”, when she headed the Government Digital Unit of the Public Service Minister.

According to Martinez Mancilla, the tender’s goal will be established in August, when the decentralized network model will be unveiled.

It’s also to be determined which universities and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) will be taking part in this project as tender supervisors and, if possible, establish an independent evaluator figure, which isn't included in the current purchasing and contracting legislation.

It will have a horizontal structure, in which the government agencies will manage the admission of the network's new nodes. The CSO and academic institutions, on the other hand, will be able to assess the information transactions and create new blocks.

The Blockchain is a decentralized digital database that registers every information exchange made through a peer-to-peer network. Whenever a new exchange is needed, an algorithm analyzes the past information data and assesses its viability and security, and proceeds to permanently add another block to the chain.

The Mexican government Blockchain network seeks to generate a hiring system based on this technology and the federal government Open Adjudications Standard. The second smart contract is the vendor registration, in which the Blockchain stores data from the aspiring companies in one or more bidding processes.

In the second contract, another one is executed to verify the supplier’s reputation, according to the information registered in the network about previous bidding results.

Last June, the final control model was completed through a beta version of the execution of smart contracts, and later this month the project’s white paper will be unveiled, as well as the regulating model and the real tender.

The latest deal that modifies policies and provisions of the National Digital Strategy, states that “emerging technologies like internet, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, cryptographic technology based in allocated blocks networks, the analysis power of quantum computer, among others, offer the possibility to speed the digital transformation process.”

According to the document, it’s “essential to add these technologies to the processes within the government and to provide public services.”


By Antonio Menéndez

  • Antonio Menéndez

    Antonio Menéndez

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