Russian electoral system is considering Blockchain technology

 Russian electoral system is considering Blockchain technology

In these times, many countries live in uncertainty when it comes to elect candidates for public office. It has been heard countless times that these could be manipulated and therefore raise suspicions of electoral fraud.

An independent body in Russia that is in charge of monitoring these electoral procedures, began to prove the functionality of the voting processes through the Blockchain technology.

The entity estated last Friday through the Federal Coordinator of the National Public Monitoring, Roman Kolomystev, that "As part of our Congress, we are launching a pilot electronic voting system based on Blockchain technology."

Such initiatives have been carried out through the first Congress of Public Observers in all Russia, and have been carried out at the initiative of the National Public Monitoring. The Russian Fund for Free Elections and the Russian Bar Association were also included.

Other partners of the event, attended by an audience of about 300 people, were reportedly the Corps for Clean Elections, the People's Observer, and Public Association Group 32. Tass cites Kolomoytsev as saying that the event was attended by an audience of 300.

This announcement was made public through the official website

In addition, there are citizens from other regions demanding to have the certainty of free and transparent elections through this technology, as is the case of the Ukrainian Electoral Commission, as well a a community in the state of West Virginia, in the United States, that could use a mobile application with the support of Blockhain technology and facial recognition, in order to guarantee the identity of the voter.

Let's remember Russia has been one of the countries that has studied and submitted for consideration to approve legislation regarding to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. At the beginning of this year is when we have noticed a greater interest, compared to previous years.


By Omar Cortés

  • Lic. Omar Cortés

    Lic. Omar Cortés

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