“Bitcoin Hostel” opens in Brazil

“Bitcoin Hostel” opens in Brazil

Between the mountains and the sea, not far away from Rio de Janeiro, we can locate Paraty _ a tourist destination known for its beautiful landscape of waterfalls, tropical beaches and a colonial town. And now, also by its Bitcoin-theme hostel.

Alessandro Santos, a Brazilian architect, engineer and Bitcoin enthusiast, recently opened a cryptocurrency-inspired hostel in Paraty _ located about 260 kilometers (160 miles) east of Sao Paulo.

The hostel, properly named “Hostel Bitcoin,” opened on August 16 and was completely booked the next day. According to local media reports, Santos has been living in Paraty for three years, and decided long ago to open a hostel inspired in cryptocurrencies, but wasn’t able to save the necessary funds until now.

It offers the same services of a regular hostel, including breakfast and tours, but what sets it apart is that you can pay for it with cryptocurrencies.

Santos chose to invest in the hostel after realizing that most foreign tourists _and some locals _ frequently asked about payments with cryptocurrencies. The original plan was to accept only payments with BTC, but after consulting with several guests, he ultimately decided to accept other cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Monero and “all of those we can exchange in a simple wallet like Bittrez,” he said.

The Brazilian entrepreneur said he is planning to sell Bitcoin at his hostel, although he didn’t elaborate: “I can’t talk about it because of a nondisclosure agreement.”

For Santos, the goal is to promote the cryptocurrency ecosystem in Brasil and the tourist industry. “I want to help the global implementation,” he noted.

His decision to invest in the project was partially inspired by the major cryptocurrency Exchanges, since he likes to exchange Bitcoin and other digital assets.

Santos said he’d like his hostel to lead a movement to promote payments in cryptocurrencies among other companies in the area.

The cryptocurrency adoption, especially Bitcoin, has soared recently in Brazil.


By Antonio Menéndez

Source: Bitcoin.es

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