Popular baseball team ventures into the cryptocurrency world

Popular baseball team ventures into the cryptocurrency world

The Los Angeles Dodgers, one of the most popular baseball teams in the U.S., are about to enter the digital space with what they call the first crypto giveaway in both baseball and sports history.

The team, which is fighting for a spot in the Major Leagues postseason, announced last Friday that it will hold the 'Digital Bobblehead Night' when the Dodgers host the San Diego Padres on Sept. 21. Bobbleheads are a type of collectible doll whose head bobbles _ hence the name.

The first 40,000 fans with tickets to attend the match will each receive at the gates of Dodger Stadium a special card allowing them access to unlock a virtual bobblehead through the Ethereum's wallet.

The organization has yet to clarify how they intend to handle the digital bobblehead play going forward, but Chief Marketing Officer Lon Rosen sees cryptocurrencies as a potential innovation for the sporting fans.

“We’re excited for our first-ever Crypto giveaway, and to explore an entirely new marketplace with our fanbase,” said in a statement Rosen, also the team's executive VP. “We hope this piques the interest of Dodger fans, and will help launch a new age of digital collectibles and promotions.”

The card has a unique code and instructions that will take fans to a given website. At the site, cardholders will be able to download, unblock and transfer the tokens to an Ethereum wallet for a digital bobblehead players Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner or Kenley Jansen. It's worth to note that in order to download the digital bobblehead, fans must have an Ethereum wallet.

While the use of crypto tokens to create athlete collectibles is a new entry into sporting memorabilia, this is not the first time a major U.S. professional team has been tied to cryptocurrency.

Last June the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced a partnership with the crypto mining company MiningStore to install Ethereum mining machines in their stadium, with the goal of raising money for technology education programs an other causes in the Sacramento area.

Ethereum investors hope this promotion with the Dodgers will help to the recovery of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization in the world, just behind Bitcoin.

During the massive selloff of crypto assets occurred last week, the value of ETH fell below the $200 USD mark for the first time in over a year, after reaching its all-time high of $1,400 USD per coin in mid-January. At the moment of writing this article, Ethereum's price was $185.


By Alejandro Cortés

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