Oportunity: Own your own digital currency Exchange

Oportunity: Own your own digital currency Exchange

“Own your own cryptocurrency exchange in your area, earn money and be a part of the biggest financial revolution in the world: the great and promising digital asset market”

Marcus Almeida, ITDA Corp. founding partner


ITDA Corp., through its technological and financial platforms, promotes a real disruption in the Exchange, Trading and Forex platforms of digital currencies.

What is currently perceived is that the lack of competition by some brokers, and even the concentration of large volumes of operations in some of these exchanges, have become part of the reason for the high speculation in this market, registering an surcharge of up to 50 percent, compared  to the average price of the main existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ehtereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) among others. As an example we have what's happening right now in South Korea and Brazil, and what already happened in China.

ITDA Corp. Group has the technology, integration and operating license of one of the best exchange platforms in the market, currently in the Top-25 worldwide.  In addition, it brought into the market the new digital currency ATM Coin (ATMC), one of the world’s Top-25 cryptocurrencies in market volume, featuring pre-mining, private Blockchain and focused on the P2P (peer-to-peer) market, specially designed for the direct sale industry, network marketing, online gaming and the huge investment and betting market also known as Binary Options.

With more than 20 years of experience in the financial, technological and electronic payment market, the group has already developed a series of technologic platforms, including payment platforms, payment gateway, Wallet Systems, prepaid credit and debit cards, digital marketing, social networking and cocial commerce. It is from this experience that ITDA Corp. decided to decentralize the Exchanges market, by licensing its technological platform to Bits Club.

Through a licensing contract of technologic direct use, you can be a part of the great revolution taking place. You don’t need a big knowledge of the financial asset market or financial and technologic platforms. And enthusiast of this new economy, with basic knowledge and interest, can become an active member of the current economic model revolution, based on fiduciary currency.

Through the company that owns the Bits Club technology, Asia Wallet Limited –one of the 25 companies part of ITDA Corp.– you can own in a few days your own digital asset Exchange. You just need to get assets from ATM Global Investments Limited, member of ITDA, and owner of the Exchange Bits Blockchain (originator of ATM Coin).

For the first 150 White Label licenses there won’t be a licensing fee. All you need to do is own a legally constituted company. This business must have a banking account, in case it’s operating with fiduciary currency (FIAT). Therefore, you don’t need a banking account if you are operating exclusively P2P transactions with the main digital currencies in the market.

ITDA Corp will soon announce the presale of a new project –already part in the White Paper of Bits Blockchain/ATMCoin–. This will be the launching of its second digital currency to the market, the ATM Cash. This time we are talking about an open source digital currency, 100 percent mined, that uses Proof of Capacity technology. This currency will be also enlisted in all the Bits Club licenses, so the ATM Cash can be paid with its "family" cryptocurrency, ATM Coin, as well as the other digital currencies in the Bits Blockchain, or even with the main fiat currencies from around the world.

If you are interested in becoming the owner of your own cryptocurrency exchange, visit www.bitsclub.com and send an email from the “Contact” section. Our staff will be ready to answer all your questions.

Down below you'll find the list of the first licenses already granted in the world:


 ·  VirtualPag

 ·  3xbit

 ·  EmbraPag

 ·  InfinityExchange

 ·  Zero10


·   MarketProsperity


·   FinanPay


·   WalletProsperity


·   E-walletPay

To learn more about the ATM Coin cryptocurrency or about our Exchange Bits Blockchain, visit our websites as well as the main digital exchanges/comparative platforms of digital assets in the world:

·   ATM Coin


·   Bits Blockchain


·   Coinmarketcap





·   Blocktrustee


      ·  Wallet Investor




·   Stokz



By Marcus Almeida

  • Marcus Almeida

    Marcus Almeida

    Analista de Sistemas, Organización & Métodos, Gestor de Proyectos. Es un empresario visionario con más de 20 años en la industria financiera, dirigiendo pasarelas de pagos, plataformas de mercadeo digital, tarjetas pre-pagadas; actualmente dirige negocios con presencia física en más de 10 países, proveyendo soluciones integradas para la industria de venta directa, mercadeo en red, distribución, trading y exchange.

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