How high is the risk of investing in digital assets?

To answer this question it's necessary to understand what INVESTING means. Investing means expending money in a company or business with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result, hoping

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Beginners guide: What are the cryptocurrencies?

For many years now, technology has gathered headlines in blogs, magazines and broadcasts since we are talking of a subject that attracts interest from almost EVERYONE. The world is moving

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Digital currencies will bounce back to their sustained growth patern

The speculation, discredit attempts and even possible bans of cryptocurrencies in some countries have led to decisions directed toward regulatory frameworks, user protections and extreme measures regarding security standards for

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In this article we will cover the main issues that refer to the current situation of Bitcoin and what is about to happen in case of a Hard Fork.

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Ether, the new virtual currency that threatens bitcoin

If you had spent $ 8 to buy an Ether in new year, by the end of the first half of this year you could have sold it up to US $ 340.
The growth of this cryptocurrency is totally based on that the investors have decided to venture in this new technology due to its diverse and endless applications. Its growth has been such that it managed to position itself in the second place, only after bitcoin so far this year and apparently does not intend to stay in that place.

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