Rebound of the crypto market contradicts somber predictions

Erik Finman, a teenager who got rich during the Bitcoin boom, recently issued a warning to enthusiasts of that cryptocurrency: such digital asset has a somber long-term future. However, such an

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Stablecoins could save the cryptocurrency market

With the recent fall of the prices in the crypto market, very few investors venture to expose their capital in this sector, except maybe in the futures market. However, not all

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‘Whale’ investors take advantage of the bearish market to buy more cryptocurrencies

Economic crises are very hard to overcome for average people. However, the reality is different for the wealthy, whose fortune tends to rise in difficult times. Warren Buffett, one of the

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It seems like not even the worst year in the history of cryptocurrencies can stop the digital market

The state of panic of the crypto-financial sector is totally understandable. The digital market has lost 80% of its total capitalization in less than a year, while the value of

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SEC issues guidelines on ICOs and cryptocurrencies

All of what the people is talking about these last few days regarding to the crypto market is the most recent collapse, which took a hit of nearly 20 percent

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Rapid growth of cryptocurrency ATMs in the world

One of the main questions that people ask when they are starting to learn about digital currencies is how they can be used. Until recently, the most common was to store

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One in four affluent American millennials use or hold cryptocurrencies

The “millennial” generation is made of those who were born between 1981 and 2000, and currently are between 15 and 34 years old, representing 25% of the world’s population. The

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First official crypto Exchange created in the UAE

To find out if an economic market has a promising future, it's always good to take as a reference what the countries in the Middle East _ such as Saudi

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Happy 10th anniversary, Bitcoin!

This Wednesday, October 31, marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of a document (whitepaper) describing an "electronic cash system" that would eventually give birth to Bitcoin, the Blockchain and

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Draft bill in Spain will require citizens to disclose all their crypto assets

The Spaish government approved a series of anti-fraud bills that, among other things, will require investors in cryptocurrencies to declare all the assets they own in the European country and

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Europe is leaving behind the US and Asia in ICO funding

Much has been said about the emerging cryptocurrency markets, particularly in Asia, where China and South Korea have a hand in the implementation and development of this type of digital

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Americans have polarizing feelings about virtual currencies

The U.S. is the country with the highest capitalization of the crypto market, with almost 50 percent of it. With that in mind, an organization called clovr surveyed a thousand Americans

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Researchers: cryptocurrencies need governance to be reliable

Participants in cryptocurrency networks, such as Bitcoin, need to be better at anticipating beneficial software changes. This will ensure the security and privacy of the addresses and transactions, and will

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Cryptocurrency trading volume could grow by 50% in 2019, according to study

2018 has been one of the most rough years for the digital economy. The capitalization of the global market has fallen almost 75% compared to its peak last December, and

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Despite distrust among users, financial experts see a promising future for the digital market

One of the most common terms within the crypto-financial sector are the so-called forks _ or bifurcations _ which is when a cryptocurrency splits in two. This occurs when a

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Popular baseball team ventures into the cryptocurrency world

The Los Angeles Dodgers, one of the most popular baseball teams in the U.S., are about to enter the digital space with what they call the first crypto giveaway in

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Do cryptocurrencies really need to be anonymous?

One of the main features of cryptocurrencies _ and one that many consider the best _ is that they are anonymous. People believe that cryptocurrencies are anonymous because it is possible

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Bank of America files for cryptocurrency storage patent

Bank of America (BofA), the second largest bank in the United States, applied for another Blockchain patent for the development of a secure crypto storage system, according to a document

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Venezuela is linking the new “sovereign bolivars” to the Petro cryptocurrency

Venezuelan government announced that the salary system and prices of the South American country will be anchored to El Petro, the cryptocurrency that, in theory, is backed by a barrel

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Digital economy is not a passing fad

This year has been one of the worst for the crypto-economy. In the last few days the market total capitalization plummeted to its worst levels since the previous year. After

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U.S. is number one in cryptocurrency-related crime

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, the number of people trying to take advantage them is also increasing. These people seek to develop more sophisticated means to illegally

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Sports field takes advantage in the use and development of cryptocurrencies

As the crypto-economy keeps developing, it seems like one of the fields that will incorporate the use of tokens sooner rather than later will be sports world. On Monday it was

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Can 'stablecoins' be a short-term solution to stabilize the crypto-market?

One of the main problems that cryptocurrencies have faced since their inception is their lack of stability, because they don't have the support of any institution or government, but instead,

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The cryptographic market finishes the week on a positive note

It’s been an exciting week for all the parties involved in the digital asset market, which finally showed some improvement after weeks of steady declines. Las Thursday the market had a

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No more bubble: cryptoeconomy shows signs of consolidation

This last few days we have seen several indicators that the initial speculative crypto bubble is over and that any time soon the long-awaited evolutionary explosion will come, thanks to

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London School of Economics to launch online cryptocurrency course

  One indicator that a topic has become relevant, is when the schools start to consider incorporate it into their curriculum. A good example is the social media outlets, which went from

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Kings won't just dribble now, but they will mine cryptocurrencies as well

The U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA) is only talking about one thing these days: the signing of LeBron James with the Los Angeles Lakers, the most popular team in the

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Cryptocurrencies could soon enter the political arena

The price of cryptocurrencies has been bearish in recent weeks; however, that doesn't mean their use is decreasing. It's actually the total oposite. The implementation of digital currencies in different sectors

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Fintech Law, a reality in Mexico

As dictated by the old and well-known saying: "there is no date that is not met, a deadline that does not expire, nor a debt that won't be paid." As

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Can cryptocurrencies make banks unnecessary?

The development of technology is unstoppable. How it influences multiple sectors _ financial, education, health, etc. _ varies from case to case, but it's imminent that we are heading towards

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IMF: Cryptocurrency could be part of human evolution

When talking about evolution, usually what we understand is the universal process that consists of the gradual change of living beings and the rest of the objects of the natural

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Amount of illicit activities with crypto is tiny compared to the ones carried out with cash

One of the main concerns around the development of cryptocurrencies is that they can be used for illicit purposes. Even the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, last January urged other countries

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Crypto-economic universe must realize the importance of the environment

One of the greatest technological advances of human kind was the discovery of electricity. Today, almost everything we do requires electricity, and as we move forward we need more of

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Startup to launch crypto-supporting payment cards for everyday shopping

As many people know, one of the main problems of cryptocurrencies is their limited usability. Although more and more businesses are adopting the option of digital currency payments, the number of

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Brand name companies are starting to take cryptocurrencies seriously

Every time there is a drop in the price of Bitcoin, most people who are not familiar with this market question the legitimacy or viability of digital currencies in the

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How to solve the usability problem of cryptocurrencies?

Although more and more people know about the existence of cryptocurrencies and have heard about Bitcoin, the vast majority don't know what they are. But there is another question that

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Unicef asks for people's computing power to mine cryptocurrencies

Save the Children, an organization based in the UK whose purpose is to defend children's rights, was one of the first institutions of international renown that decided to accept cryptocurrencies

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Does cryptoeconomy have a gender issue?

Although most people have the option to use cryptocurrencies, they are actually used by very few of them. But that problem is the root of another issue: The cryptoeconomy has been

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What triggered the recovery of the digital assets market?

Just a couple of days after we published an article about the gold-backed cryptocurrencies that serve the principles of the Muslim community, an Islamic scholar declared that Bitcoin is permissible

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Muslims could reinvent the revolutionary cryptoeconomy

A different trend in the crypto-economic world is happening in the Middle East, particularly in predominantly Muslim countries: we are talking about digital assets backed by gold. In the Islamic faith,

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Is the 'boom' of big companies issuing their own cryptocurrency coming?

A few days ago, Finance Magnates revealed that an exclusive source had confirmed to them that Facebook soon would be launching its own cryptocurrency, Facebook Coin (FBC). The social media giant

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Even with ups and downs, nothing seems to stop the cryptoeconomy

The crypto market has suffered sharp falls in recent months, many of them as a result of multiple actions taken by different entities involved in its environment. After reaching a record

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Cryptocurrencies could replace national currencies by 2030, according to futurist

Given the pendular-like behavior in the prices of cryptocurrencies in the last three months, it is not surprising that some investors, particularly those with less experience, are doubting the long-term

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Coinbase helps its users with a cryptocurrency tax calculator

Now that the U.S. government will receive the information from thousands of users of Coinbase to determine the taxes that investors must pay for their cryptocurrency profits, the platform is

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U.S. Government wants a 'slice' of the digital market profits

Now that the tax season in the United States is at its peak, the government's interest in cryptocurrencies has grown, which could be a problem for people who saw large

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How the cryptoeconomic market is impacted by regulations

Without questions, 2017 was the year of the cryptocurrencies, since most of them skyrocketed, especially Bitcoin. The flagship digital coin started the year below the $1.000 USD threshold, but soared

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How to avoid big losses when investing in cryptocurrencies

After being involved in the cryptocurrency world for quite some time now, there’s one thing clear to me: This is not for those who can’t keep their cool in the

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Why you shouldn't buy criptocurrencies with credit cards

The cryptoeconomic market suffered another sharp fall on Monday, due in large part to two important factors: First, the Chinese government's intention to eliminate all the Exchanges of digital currencies in

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Eventually, the cryptoeconomy will become a major payment network

Critics of the digital economy are reluctant to accept the world's economy is moving forward; they are making desperate attempts to cling to the past, a past that is gone

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How people use cryptocurrencies in their everyday life?

It is undeniable that the cryptocurrency phenomenon continues to grow. Every day you read news about this new kind of economy. However, the number of people who know how crypto-economics

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This is why digital currency has real value

Bitcoin's price has been on a rollercoaster-like ride since its inception in 2009. But it wasn't until last year that the most popular cryptocurrency in the world saw massive gains,

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