Asian phone companies, at the forefront of Blockchain technology payments

Not everyone is familiar with the term cryptocurrency, but it’s getting stronger by the day. It is an innovative trading system that enables different types of financial movements. Several countries are

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Blockchain projects and their legal complexity

Blockchain technology is still unknown for so many people, and there are some who doesn’t even know what the term means, complicating the understanding of the new financial alternatives that

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“Bitcoin Hostel” opens in Brazil

Between the mountains and the sea, not far away from Rio de Janeiro, we can locate Paraty _ a tourist destination known for its beautiful landscape of waterfalls, tropical beaches

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Cryptocurrencies could eventually replace fiat currency

Printing paper currency and minting coins is very expensive for every country in the world, since the process is funded by the national budget. That limits the resources to invest

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Does Petro really exists?

Four months ago, Reuters news agency conducted a thorough investigation about Petro. Residents of Atapirire, Venezuela, say they hadn’t seen any of the alleged reserves. And they have little confidence

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Mexico has a new platform to buy cryptocurrencies

The digital asset market keeps growing and there are increasingly more countries adopting this kind of exchange. Governments are perceiving cryptocurrencies as a solution to the financial problems of their

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Bitcoiners react to Bitmain's hashrate announcement

Bitmain, the Chinese manufacturer of cryptocurrency-mining ASIC machines, announced that its Bitcoin processing power is of 4.4% of the total network’s bitrate, causing all kinds of reactions in social media

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Hungary joins the legalization of cryptocurrencies

Some countries have become global defenders of the digital economy, while others have placed a complete ban on cryptocurrencies and perceive a fiscal problem in the fact that many of

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Russian electoral system is considering Blockchain technology

In these times, many countries live in uncertainty when it comes to elect candidates for public office. It has been heard countless times that these could be manipulated and therefore

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Colombia wants to legalize cryptocurrencies with a bill of law

Colombia could join the list of countries that are trying to make cryptocurrencies a legal tender. That was the announcement made by one of the country's entities. Senator Carlos Abraham Jimenez

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Mexico opens its first Etherum-based tender

Later this month, México will open its first real tender on a Blockchain network. A new regulating model for this network will also be unveiled with the promise of being

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Two economy giants join forces to create cryptocurrency platform

Good news shocked the world this past week with the announcement of a new digital platform called Bakkt, which is supported by Intercontinental Exchanged, backed by Microsoft and Starbucks Corporation,

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VCTRADE: The new Japanese virtual currency Exchange

Back in 2016, a new cryptocurrency exchange platform named VCTRADE was launched in Japan. It was approved by the country’s Finance Minister, despite a series of problems. According to specialized sources,

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The virtual world changed our lives

The invention or creation of virtual currency has had a huge global impact, becoming a future trend and creating all kind of expectations, either positive or negative ones, depending on

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Smartphone will help safely store your cryptocurrencies

For all of us immersed in the cryptocurrency world, the new digital assets and the new financial era, privacy and security have become essential issues, because this new economy has

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DISCIPLINA: The first Blockchain for personal, professional and academic profiles

Being education the foundation of our lives, it is extremely important to value it accordingly, because it is what drives us and allows us to pass our knowledge to the

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Colombian President-elect Iván Duque trusts in Blockchain to fight corruption

Colombian President-elect Iván Duque, is firmly determined to rebuild the damaged image of his country in terms of corruption, and provide a sense of security among Colombians through the use

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Facebook to accept cryptocurrency ads again

Facebook, the most popular social network in the world, announced earlier this year the ban on the advertising of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (known as ICOs), as well as

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Hollywood prepares “Crypto”, a movie about cryptocurrencies

Kurt Russell, who has starred in more than 40 films in his career, has joined the renowned cast of “Crypto”, consisting of Luke Hemsworth (Thor Ragnarok), Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls),

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Mastercard Seeks Blockchain-Based Payment Verification Patent

According to a patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Mastercard has come up with a conveyance and retrieval processes to verify users' payment credentials over

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Ripple donates millions to top universities for Blockchain research

Ripple, third place in market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap, is considered the cryptocurrency of banks. It is a virtual system of payments in real time based on the   Blockchain technology,

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Can you be addicted to cryptocurrencies?

Are you checking CoinMarketCap constantly during the day, to such an extent that you neglect other important things? Do you get anxious to buy cryptocurrency when prices fall and sell

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IBM to launch a Blockchain-technology counterfeit detector

Fraud costs the global economy more than $600 billion USD a year. And in some countries, nearly 70 percent of certain life-saving drugs are counterfeit. Complex supply chains (comprised of

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HTC ventures into Blockchain technology

HTC Exodus is the new smartphone by the Taiwan-based company HTC, which is betting on Blockchain technology by creating the world’s first cell phone focused entirely on apps and decentralized

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'PBOY' revolutionizes street art by including Bitcoin QR to his work

French street artist Pascal Boyart, who calls himself 'PBOY', recently attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency community for his clever use of QR codes as a way of funding his

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D.Tube: A YouTube alternative based on Blockchain technology

D.Tube is the first decentralized video platform based on the Blockchain technology, aiming to become a YouTube alternative that allows people to watch or upload videos in IPFS, and share

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FINNEY: The first smart devices for cryptocurrencies

The current smart device generation compromises the user’s safety. The focus is mostly on the user’s experience, paying a steep price of exposing it to frauds and cyber-crimes. The way

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It's time to Meet the Bitcoins!

In the search to introduce the people to the world of cryptocurrencies, the 'Meet the Bitcoins' project is here. 'Meet The Bitcoins' is an animated show in production about a family

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“All Mine”: The game that allows you to mine real cryptocurrencies

This familiar puzzle game comes with one particularity: It pays you to play! While you are playing, and even when you are doing something else in your computer, the game is

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Art exhibition hides secret code to $10,000 worth of cryptocurrencies

In an art exhibition, artist Andy Bauch is bringing two very different subjects together: cryptocurrencies and art, a work that use abstract patterns constructed in Lego bricks Each piece represents the

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