India leads the world in remittances sending... and fees


One of the cryptocurrency’s main advantages is how it enables all kind of transactions without going to the bank; we can make any financial moves from our smartphone, without [...]

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Stablecoins could save the cryptocurrency market


With the recent fall of the prices in the crypto market, very few investors venture to expose their capital in this sector, except maybe in the futures market. However, not [...]

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Christmas is a time to share with our loved ones and exchange presents as a sign of affection, continuing the tradition of Santa Claus and gifts. Today we’ll talk about [...]

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The asset market freefall hasn’t stop yet

The cryptocurrency market began December on a low note. Last week, the market´s total capitalization was of $138 billion USD, but on Thursday it reached its lowest point at $117

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Another nightmarish week for the cryptocurrency world

This has been the worst week of the year for cryptocurrencies, a true nightmare for investors who bet in this financial sector. Last week’s capitalization was around $146 billion USD, but

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The digital market keeps plunging

The cryptoasset market had another dismal week after another shock caused a steep fall and left the sector with its worst capitalization in almost 16 months. This Thursday the market woke

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Crypto market keeps showing signs of recovery

After suffering a steep plunge last week, the digital asset market began to climb back on Monday after some swings in the global market. Just before closing for the day[...]

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How high is the risk of investing in digital assets?

To answer this question it's necessary to understand what INVESTING means. Investing means expending money in a company or business with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result,[...]

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