Cryptocurrency market recovered some ground this week


With just a few days before Christmas, a ray of hope was shed on the cryptocurrency market. After hitting rock bottom at $100 billion USD last Monday, the sector [...]

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Porn actress will launch her own cryptocurrency


The cryptocurrency world is appealing and fascinating. That’s why every day there’s more people interested in this exciting system. One fine example is the porn actress Esperanza Gómez, who recently [...]

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Rebound of the crypto market contradicts somber predictions


Erik Finman, a teenager who got rich during the Bitcoin boom, recently issued a warning to enthusiasts of that cryptocurrency: such digital asset has a somber long-term future. However, such [...]

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Blockchain-based patents

Blockchain technology will impact our lives in a very similar way internet did, so is no surprise that the telecommunications giant AT&T is very interested in it. According to the Telegram

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“Jeopardy!” dedicates a whole section to cryptocurrencies

“Jeopardy!” is an American contest program that has had several different versions, not only in the U.S. but in several countries around the world. Contestants must answer questions from different categories

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The Blockchain technology goes beyond the practical use; its scope in different sectors seems unbelievable. Decentraland is a company that sells real estate online, with prices that reach $120,000 USD for

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Bits Club 01

Crypto market keeps showing signs of recovery

After suffering a steep plunge last week, the digital asset market began to climb back on Monday after some swings in the global market. Just before closing for the day[...]

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How high is the risk of investing in digital assets?

To answer this question it's necessary to understand what INVESTING means. Investing means expending money in a company or business with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result,[...]

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